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Making a Will or Estate Plan

WHAT DO I NEED? HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY? When you call Bob Goodall at Goodall Pelt & Carper, P.C. ,(540)-659-3130, to ask about estate planning, we will send you for free in advance an explanation of the main things which we discuss in a face-to-face consultation, which will include a review of what you […]


Using a Trust when Beneficiary Designations Won’t Work

One convenient way to direct assets at death is through the beneficiary designation. For example bank accounts and certificates of deposit can be in your name with a pay-on-death (POD) provision naming the persons could receive the balance of the account when you die. Retirement accounts, IRAs and life insurance policies will name a beneficiary. […]


If I file Bankruptcy, will I Lose all my property?

Our most common bankruptcy client is an individual or married couple. They may have a house with a mortgage or two. They have a car with a car loan, and an older car without a loan. They have household furnishings, clothing, bank accounts and retirement accounts. Debts have become overwhelming due to loss of income, […]


Who Needs a Revocable Living Trust?

A trust is a property management arrangement in which one person called a “settlor” or “grantor” creates the trust and transfers property to it. A “trustee” holds title to the property and manages it and uses it according to the directions of the settlor. The people who benefit from the trust are called “beneficiaries”. A […]


Children and Divorce

A divorce decree cannot and does not end your responsibility as a parent. Parents are forever. Both parents should make every attempt to play a vital part in the lives of their children, and allow one another to do so. Children need the ongoing affection, interest and concern of their parents. Children must feel that […]


So, You’re 18

Congratulations on attaining adulthood! Reaching the age of eighteen is a significant milestone in your life that is accompanied by serious rights and responsibilities. This booklet, developed by the Virginia State Bar and the Conference of Local Bar Associations, will help you understand these rights and responsibilities. As an adult citizen of the Commonwealth of […]


The Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy Law Section of the Virginia State Bar has prepared this pamphlet as a public service to answer basic questions about the bankruptcy process. This pamphlet cannot address every issue that may arise when considering bankruptcy, however, it will provide an introduction to basic concepts that can be discussed in detail with an attorney. […]


Who Needs a Will?

You need a will if you want to leave property at your death to anyone other than the people who will inherit from you if you don’t have a will. In Virginia, the people who inherit from you if you don’t have a will are, in this order of priority: Your spouse inherits everything, unless […]


The Senior Citizen’s Handbook

The Senior Citizens Handbook is a resource for seniors, their families, and their caregivers to provide an overview of and contact information for opportunities and choices facing senior citizens today, with a summary of how specific laws affect Virginia’s elder citizens and practical advice on issues such as Medicaid, Alzheimer’s Disease, landlord-tenant relations, and much more. There […]